Welcome to Yalea Languages

Yalea helps people all over the world to learn foreign languages and get to know other cultures. This includes organizing language courses abroad, offering online language lessons and providing free e-learning resources, such as magazines.

I founded Yalea Languages as a student in 2004 along with Martin Schmidig and Adrian Gabriel. What started out in our dorm as a very modest venture in multilingual Switzerland has grown into an international company over ten years.

I can´t imagine a more exciting job than supporting our clients, together with the Yalea team, on their language learning adventures. I also enjoy sharing language learning tips and tricks during presentations or on my blog. I, myself, am currently learning Japanese, my eighth language.

On behalf of everyone in the Yalea Language team, I am pleased to welcome you to our language learning world.

Yours sincerely,
Richard Gabriel
CEO & Co-Founder

The inauguration of our office in Santiago de Chile.

Yalea MesseYalea Messe

Yalea MesseYalea Messe
Yalea Languages - Language courses abroad

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