Will I need a visa?
Will I need a visa?
Will I need a visa?
Will I need a visa?

Visa information

Whether you need a visa or not depends on your chosen destination, your nationality and the length of your stay. Visa laws can change at any time, so we advise you to check with the country's local embassy or visit their official government website well in advance of your trip. Visa costs can vary dramatically depending on your destination and nationality.

Applying for a visa - documents

• Check that your passport will not expire before the end of your trip
• Find out what sort of passport you need (do you need a biometric passport?)
• Write you first name and surname on the back of any passport photos
• Make sure your visa application form is completed correctly and that you have signed it
• Check that you have included all the documents required before you send your application
• Make a copy of any documents before you submit them
• If you have to submit your application by post, we recommend sending it by courier

Applying for a visa - the process

• Look up the address of the country's nearest embassy or consulate
• Check if you need to apply for a visa through the post or if you have to submit your application in person (do you need to make an appointment?)
• Make sure you are aware of all the security regulations for the embassy you are visiting (this is particularly important for US embassies where, for example, cameras and mobile phones are not permitted)
• Leave plenty of time for the application process so that your application arrives well in advance
• Make sure you do not need your passport for another trip during the application procedure

Before your trip

Check that your passport or identity card will still be valid 6 months after your return as this is an entry requirement in most countries. If you are staying for more than 3 months, you will normally need to apply for a visa.

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