Combine language learning and travelling
Combine language learning and travelling
Combine language learning and travelling
Combine language learning and travelling

Travelling classroom

At Yalea Languages, we are passionate about learning languages and travelling and we know that many of our students will want to combine their studies with exploring more of the country or region they are visiting. As a result, we offer a variety of programs that enable you to combine these passions. These include ‘Travelling Classroom’ courses, which are set packages formed of language lessons, activities and accommodation in more than one destination, and travel programs that include multi-day excursions to key places of interest within the country or region.

If you can't find the languages and travel combination you are looking for, don't hesitate to contact us. You could also consider designing your own travel program by spreading your studies across more than one school. You can find more information about this option on our multi-destination language courses page.

Peru: Mountains, rainforest and the iconic Machu Picchu

Explore Peru and discover amazing landscapes, fascinating Incan ruins, unique traditional villages and delicious cuisine. With our partner school Amauta you can spread your language course over more than one Peruvian destination or combine your lessons with trekking to Machu Picchu. Amauta have three schools in Peru: Amauta Cusco in the historical city of Cusco, Amauta Tambopata in the Peruvian rainforest and Amauta Sacred Valley in a village in the heart of the ancient Incan empire. Their 'Travelling Classroom' program combines studying at the Cusco school with one of the other two destinations. Alternatively, at their Cusco school you can select one of the courses that includes taking the Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu. It couldn't be easier to combine your Spanish lessons with a once in a lifetime trip to Peru!

Amauta's Travelling Classroom program

This four week program is comprised of three weeks at Amauta's Cusco school and one week at either the Sacred Valley or Tambopata school. The course price includes:

 20 standard group Spanish lessons per week

 Accommodation (student residence in Cusco and the Sacred Valley, and cabins in Tamopata)

 Two meals a day in Cusco and the Sacred Valley, three meals a day in Tambopata

 Some excursions

 Sacred Valley program: travel between Cusco and the Sacred Valley

 Tambopata program: travel between Puerto Maldonado airport and Tambopata (the flight from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado is not included)

Trek to Machu Picchu with Amauta

Amauta Cusco offers two two-week courses that combine Spanish lessons with trekking to Machu Picchu. You can choose between the 'Small Group Course 20 + Machu Picchu' or the 'Small Group Course 10 + Spiritulaity + Machu Picchu'. Both programs include:

 One week of standard group Spanish lessons at Amauta Cusco (20 lessons for the standard option, 10 lessons for the spirituality option)

 Taking the Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu with a guide

 Accommodation, meals and camping equipment for the trekking week

 Transport from Cusco to the trek's starting point

 The spirituality option also includes excursions and activities such as a purification bath, meditations and a coca leaf reading

Book your 'Travelling Classroom' or Machu Picchu trekking program at one of Amauta's schools below:

Ecuador: Biodiversity, Incan cities and hippie beach towns

Head to Ecuador and go surfing on sandy beaches, admire impressive Colonial architecture and learn more about this country’s huge array of plants and animals. Our partner school Academia Surpacifico in Manta offers a 'Travelling Classroom' program that enables you to study Spanish in four different schools across Ecuador, spending one week in each. Students begin in Quito, a former Incan capital high in the Andean mountains, and can then choose to head to the Amazonian rainforest or the beautiful colonial city of Cuenca. The remainder of the program is spent in the lively harbour of Manta and the fun-loving beach town of Montañita. This is the perfect program for students looking to explore this beautiful country while studying Spanish and learning more about Ecuadorian culture.

You can find further information about this course on the Travelling Classroom page.

Academia Surpacifico's Travelling Classroom program

This four-week course combines one week of Spanish lessons in four different destinations. All students study in Quito, Manta and Montañita, but can choose between the Amazon or Cuenca for their second week. The course price includes:

 20 standard group Spanish lessons per week

 Activities and excursions such as visits to national parks, surfing, museum trips, salsa lessons and snorkelling

 Travel between the four schools

 Accommodation (combination of host family and cabins)

 Some meals (two meals a day in Quito, Cuenca and Manta, and four meals a day in the Amazon - the Montañita week does not include any food)

Book your 'Travelling Classoom' program at one of the schools below:

Italy: Roman architecture, delicious cuisine and timeless elegance

Live the Italian dream by exploring the country known for its fine wine, great fashion and fascinating history while studying Italian. Our partner schools Dilit International House, based in Rome, and Accademia Italiana, based in Salerno, both offer 'Travelling Classroom' programs that spread your Italian lessons across two different destinations. With Dilit International House, you start off in the iconic Italian capital before heading to Orbetello, a laid-back Tuscan town surrounded by a beautiful lagoon. Alternatively, you can split your Italian course between two picturesque, traditional Italian towns with Accademia Italiana. This program includes two weeks in Salerno on the emerald-green Amalfi Coast and two weeks in the medieval hillside town of Todi. Both programs will give you a unique insight into Italian culture while you improve your language skills in two incredible Italian destinations.

Dilit International House's Travelling Classroom program

This two or four week program is split between Rome and Orbetello in Tuscany. The course price includes:

 20 standard group Italian lessons per week

 Accommodation (either with a host family or in a shared apartment)

 Train ticket from Rome to Orbetello

Accademia Italiana's Travelling Classroom program

This four-week program is split between Salerno in Campania and Todi in Umbria. The course price includes:

 20 standard group Italian lessons per week

 Accommodation with a host family

Please note that transport between Salerno and Todi is not included.

Book your 'Travelling Classroom' program at one of the schools below:

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