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Study Spanish in Tambopata Province, where you will find one of the largest nature reserves in Peru full of amazing plants and animals.

Tambopata Province in the Madre de Dios region of Peru forms part of the Amazon rainforest, which is spread across various South American countries (most notably Brazil, Peru and Colombia). One of the most bio-diverse parts of the planet, this is an incredible destination for those interested in nature. Here among the winding rivers and never-ending trees you can find a huge range of birds, monkeys, fish and insects in their natural habitat. Far away from the hustle and bustle of modern life, Tambopata is also a great choice for those who would like to get away from it all and explore this unique destination.

The Tambopata region of the rainforest is usually reached from the city of Puerto Maldonado, from where visitors can reach their destination in the reserve by boat or car. Puerto Maldonado has become a buzzing tourist town due to its location in the jungle so here there are various conveniences including restaurants, bars, tour operators and a good market. In the region there are various beautiful hikes you can take, as well as many lovely lakes (such as Sandoval and Valencia) that can be visited. Around 400 indigenous people also live within the reserve who form part of the Ese Ejja tribe (also known as Huarayos), a group which is spread across Peru and Bolivia.

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Amauta Tambopata is located in the heart of the Peruvian rain forest, just one hour away from Puerto Maldonado by boat. The school has beautiful views of the river and rainforest and there are numerous beautiful trails to explore from on the school's doorstep.

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