Language courses abroad in Ecuador

Study Spanish in Ecuador and discover the country’s natural beauty. 

With volcanoes, Amazonian rainforest, colonial cities, beaches and traditional villages, there is much to discover in this incredible country. The Galápagos Islands are particularly famous for their otherworldly landscapes and biodiversity, attracting nature lovers from all over the world, but there are many beautiful sites to see on the mainland too. Outside your Spanish classes, you can visit colorful markets in the Andean villages, relax on a white sandy beach, search for monkeys and toucans in the rainforest or admire the architecture in Quito, the capital. If you would like to see as much of the country as possible while learning Spanish, the 'Travelling Classroom' program might be perfect for you. This special course combines Spanish lessons in four Ecuadorian destinations and includes travel between each place.

In Ecuador, they speak Spanish very clearly and beginners will find it easy to understand the local accent. There are also a number of indigenous languages still spoken in Ecuador, of which Quechuan is the most common.

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Language courses abroad in The Amazon

The Amazon

Prístino – Marvel at the beautiful tropical rainforest

Language courses abroad in Cuenca


Tradicional – The ‘Athens of Ecuador’ is a relaxed city combining the traditional and the modern

Language courses abroad in Manta


Auténtico – Kite surf on the pacific coast in this authentic port town

Language courses abroad in Montañita


Relajado – Hippy beach town with perfect waves and a lively nightlife

Language courses abroad in Quito


Rico en contrastes – Culture and night life in the midst of the Andean jungle

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