São Paulo
São Paulo
São Paulo
São Paulo

Study abroad in São Paulo

São Paulo is a dynamic international city and a great destination to experience a multicultural language course abroad. 

The city
This megalopolis is home to approximately 19 million people from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds, giving the city an exciting and interesting atmosphere between the buildings and vehicle traffic. The city is one of the largest in the world by population and the largest in South America and approximately a quarter of the city’s inhabitants live on the edge of the city in the well-known informal housing constructions called “favelas”, despite being the most important financial and commercial center of South America and having significant importance worldwide.

Amongst the city’s attractions are the municipal theater constructed in the baroque style, the São Paulo Cathedral, the Copán building designed by Oscar Niemeyer and the 16th-century Pátio do Colégio colonial style building. Despite the city's development and distinctly urban atmosphere, there are places where you can get away from the traffic and relax including the Parque do Ibirapuera, where you can also find the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum Afro Brazil. There are many beautiful tree-lined streets to be explored in the city, and in the summer time, afternoon storms cool the city down as the sun sets. 

Nightlife and cuisine
São Paulo is also known for its exciting nightlife with countless ways to spend a night out, whether it be dining out, seeing live music or heading to a nightclub. Thanks to the high populations of Japanese, Italians, and Spanish, there are many international foods to be tried here, alongside the traditional Brazillian dishes of pão de queijo (cheese bread), feijoada (bean stew) and Brazillian barbecue. Enjoy a delicious meal and then wash it down with a cocktail made with the fermented sugar cane juice known as cachaça. 

Portuguese spoken in Brazil has a distinct accent from the Portuguese of Portugal. São Paulo is a city with many international and domestic migrants, so you will hear many variations of Portuguese and different accents. Portuguese learned here is described as having a more nasal accent than the Portuguese of other regions, however, it will be understood throughout Portuguese speaking countries. If you travel throughout Brazil you will encounter different accents and colloquialisms depending on the region.  

A language course abroad in São Paulo will be an exciting experience in a gigantic city!

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