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Take your Japanese course in Kanazawa, nicknamed "Little Kyoto" because of its wealth and cultural importance.

During the Edo Period, Kanazawa was the home of one of the most powerful feudal clans, the Maeda. As a result, the city became an important cultural centre that rivaled Kyoto and modern day Tokyo. The city has been spared damage from natural disasters and World War II, meaning that many of its old buildings have remained intact and so now it is home to many impressive historical attractions. 

Outside your Japanese lessons, you can enjoy exploring the old quarter and imagining what it was like during the samurai era or visiting one of the traditional teahouses that line the city's streets. The Kenrokuen Park is a particularly beautiful place to visit, being one of the most impressive gardens in Japan.


LocationIshikawa Prefecture, Japan's central Honshu
ClimateMild continental climate

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Eurocentres language schools have over 60 years of experience and a strong international reputation. Their Japanese school is located in Kanazawa, a beautiful city that is off the main tourist track. In addition to their Japanese language classes, Eurocentres gives you the opportunity to learn more about Japanese culture through excursions and activities, such as visiting teahouses, sushi restaura

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