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Learn French in Saint-Paul

Saint-Paul, one of the most influential cities on Réunion, is the perfect place to take a language course.

This paradise is one of the largest cities on the island, located at the west. The city has many attractions and sights to be explored. Enjoy the sun sitting on the luxurious beaches of Saint-Gilles, discover the history of the island whilst visiting sights such as the St. Paul pond where you can find information about the aborigines of the island, or visit beautiful colonial houses. Another must see sight in Saint-Paul is the picturesque sea side cemetery, where you will find stories of poets and pirates carved into the headstones.

Heading into the night, the bars and restaurants of the Saint-Gilles beach zone invite you to sample their variety of refreshing drinks whilst you relax and look out over the Indian Ocean. If you’re interested in trying more of the island’s local specialties, a visit to Saint-Paul’s only distillery is a must. This distillery is particularly special, with the liquor being distilled from exotic fruits such as mangoes, lychees and guavas as opposed to sugar cane.

During the weekends, under the shade of palm trees, the weekly Saint-Paul market is brought together. Here you will encounter exotic fruits and the sweet aroma of vanilla, alongside curry spices and other herbs brought from India and Asia. Try delicious samosas at a local café or stroll over to the welcoming L’Epron craft village where you will find jewelry, ceramics, toys and have the opportunity to chat with local artists, who will make you feel welcome from the moment you arrive.


Schools in Saint-Paul

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