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Study French in Toulouse, known as 'La Ville Rose' (the pink city) because of its ochre roofs and coral-colored brick buildings.

Toulouse is the capital of France's Languedoc-Roussillon region and lies on the Garonne River, close to the Spanish border. In the Vieux Quartier (old town) you will see why the city is known as 'La Ville Rose' as you admire the delightful old houses along the cobbled streets. In the very centre, the palatial town hall (the Capitole building) and Basilique Saint Sernin, an eleventh-century church, are must visits for history lovers.

Toulouse is home to one of France's largest universities outside of Paris. As a result, the city is full of students and academics. In the evenings, students head to the St Pierre district to enjoy the lively young bars and clubs. Toulouse also had a strong alternative arts scene, with various art collectives hosting events throughout the city.

The region has a reputation for delicious cuisine and there are various markets and plenty of restaurants where you can try local produce. Specialties include saucisse de Toulouse, a peppery sausage grilled over a wood fire, duck, particularly foie gras and confit, and cassoulet, a stew made with beans, duck, saucisse de Toulouse and herbs. Those with a sweet tooth should try fenetra, a local cake made with almonds and candied lemons, or sample a traditional French crêpe in one of the city’s many crêperies

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Language courses abroad in Langue Onze

Founded in 1991, Langue Onze is a modern and friendly French school in the heart of Toulouse. The school offers a wide range of courses and the opportunity for students to combine their language learning with topics such as cookery or learning about the local wine to make the most of their time in France. The Langue Onze team's aim is to inspire their students and make them curious about French cu

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