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Learn English in Philadelphia

Study English in Philadelphia, the lively capital of Pennsylvania where the move to US independence began.

Philadelphia's oldest buildings, such as the Rocky Steps and Independence Hall, are incredibly well preserved so it’s a fascinating city for history lovers. Originally, Philadelphia was the second largest city in the British Empire (after London) but was then later a key player in the move to US independence, being the new nation’s capital from the start of the Revolutionary War until Washington DC was founded in 1790. It was this key role in US independence that gave the city its nickname, 'the city of brotherly love'. This rich history and beautiful architecture led Philadelphia to be the first US city to be named a UNESCO World Heritage city. Visiting the Liberty Bell is a must during your trip, an iconic symbol of American independence located in the Independence National Historical Park.

Nowadays, Philadelphia is split into a number of buzzing neighborhoods, with historical houses in Society Hill, cool graffiti and a young, creative atmosphere in Fishtown and beautiful parks and high-end stores in Rittenhouse Square. The city has a lively art and music scene, great nightlife and a fantastic selection of restaurants. Visit Boathouse Row to see the beautiful nineteenth century boathouses that line the Schuylkill River, this area is still used by rowers today and at night all the houses are lit up, creating one of the city's loveliest views.

The fifth largest city in the USA, Philadelphia has a multicultural population who influenced the development of the city’s cuisine. The city's best known dish is the Philly cheesesteak, a sandwich made with sliced beef, melted cheese and an Italian bread roll. Another sandwich invented here is the hoagie, a roll filled with meat, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and onions. Both of these were undoubtedly influenced by the city's Italian immigrants. Pretzels are also iconic to Philadelphia: although originally brought over from Germany, they are now associated with the city because of the numerous street vendors that sell them.


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