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Learn English in Honolulu (Hawaii)

Study English in Honolulu, on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, where the powerful waves, turquoise waters and joie de vivre make this destination a paradise on earth.

Oahu is one of the six main islands which make up the state of Hawaii in the United States. The majority of the inhabitants of these islands live here on Oahu, which has a mix of Polynesian tradition and North American culture. Oahu has a range of wonderful landscapes that delight its visitors, especially beaches, which range from the tranquil Lanikai to the wild Waimea Bay, which is known for its annual surfing competitions. If you want to observe the varied landscapes, climb the Pali Lookout, located in the center of the island, which has extraordinary vegetation and panoramic views.

The Polynesian culture, which the locals are proud of, can be seen everywhere. Cultural centers offer their visitors the opportunity to learn about traditional dances, music and the history of the islands. Not to be missed is a famous typical Luau, a traditional party characterized by food and drink offerings, alongside other dances and musical performances and traditions in which you can experience the rich Hawaiian culture.

The beautiful capital of the capital of Oahu, Honolulu, is the most popular tourist destination in the island group. Here you will be delighted by wonderful landscapes, local cuisine and the activities which this city has to offer. Visit the south coast where you will find the white sands of Waikiki beach, one of the most visited beaches on the island, with hundred of beach resorts, where you can surf the waves or visit one of the submarines which are open to the public. Another excellent place where you can practice water sports is the bay of Hanauma, with its beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters which are perfect for swimming and diving amongst the colorful fish and corals.

Honolulu is the ideal place if you would like to go hiking, thanks to the large number of volcanoes and craters which comprise the area. Two favorites of the locals are the volcanic Leahi Diamond Head and Koko Head, with long trails and views of the extensive coastline and landscapes. If you want to learn more about 20th century history, visit the USS Arizona war memorial of the military vessel craft which was shot down in Pearl Harbor during the Second World War.

As a part of the US territory, English is the official and predominant language spoken in Hawaii, although, you will hear some locals speaking in Hawaiian, which is derived from a Polynesian language. You won’t have a problem practicing English with the friendly and welcoming locals whilst you sunbathe on a beach, travel the island or join in on one of the Luau parties held every day here.


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