South Africa
South Africa
South Africa
South Africa

Language courses abroad in South Africa

South Africa, the country found at the extreme south of the African continent is a destination of pure adventure which will captivate you. Visit South Africa and live the experience of taking a language course abroad!

A grand variety of landscapes, cultures, languages and wildlife make South Africa a fascinating tourist destination. Since the end of Apartheid in the 90s, South Africa is well on its way in the search for its identity between a modern colonized country and its African traditions.

South Africa is known for its linguistic diversity, with eleven official languages. This unique characteristic has given the country its nickname of “the rainbow nation”. Among the official languages of the country are Zulu, Tsonga, Afrikaans and of course English. Children here are taught English at school from a young age, but must also learn another language. Learn English in South Africa, a beautiful country which you will never forget.

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Tall mountains slope upwards and away from a blue sea, dotted with houses on its slopes.

Cape Town

Impressive - Beautiful beaches and a unique atmosphere at the foot of Table Mountain

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