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Killarney has a strong tourist tradition which it has carried since the 17th century. Even today the traditional horse and carts of bygone eras still represent the city’s image.

The region of Killarney is primarily known for the national park which goes by the same name. The city is the starting point for excursions to the Dingle Peninsula, the Ring of Kerry and the Isle of Skellig Michael which can all be visited during your stay.

This destination will be a new favorite for nature lovers, and for those who think there is little entertainment to be found, there are over 70 bars and restaurants in the city. Keep in mind than the adventure doesn’t stop in Ireland, even if you have been out the night before, making Killarney the ideal destination to learn English in Ireland.

Language schools in Killarney

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Our partner school is located near the famous Killarney National Park, making it a great destination for outdoor and nature lovers. The school has a warm and welcoming atmosphere where students will feel right at home.

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