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Take an English course in England, home of traditional villages, modern cities and a unique cultural heritage.   

England combines beautiful rural landscapes with fast-paced cities, incredible architecture and a unique culture. Here you can visit ancient monuments such as Stonehenge, explore the historical cobbled streets of towns like Bath and Canterbury, follow in the footsteps of The Beatles in the trendy city of Liverpool or trek through beautiful national parks in the Lake District, New Forest or Exmoor. Of course, many visitors are drawn to the capital, London, home to Buckingham Palace, the Big Ben, Oxford Street and an incredible arts and music scene.

Although not always well-loved, the classics of British cuisine have become famous around the world. Whether it's afternoon tea at the Ritz, fish and chips at the seaside, a pint of real ale in a traditional pub or a classic full English breakfast, there are plenty of things to try! Having formerly been a colonial power, British cuisine is influenced by exotic spices that were brought to the UK from far flung places. For example, although it originated in India, curry is considered a national dish and you will easily find a curry house in any town.

English culture mixes the country's historical roots with a love of sport and a dark sense of humor. With world famous universities, thinkers and artists, England is a great place for those interested in history and culture. Many of the country's fantastic museums are completely free to visit so you can learn a lot without spending a thing! In terms of sport, football has been played here since the medieval period so it's no wonder that it's become part of British culture. However, other sports like cricket, rugby, tennis and cycling are also very popular. And as for that sense of humor, you just need to watch Monty Python, Black Books, Ricky Gervais or Rowan Atkinson to get a taste of British sarcasm and self-deprecation.

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Wooden pier with a small wooden boat on a lake with green hills around it


Scenic - Walking and cycling trails around the beautiful lake landscape

Language courses abroad in Bath


Grand – Georgian architecture, Roman baths and beautiful countryside

Language courses abroad in Bournemouth


Lovely – Popular with tourists for its mild climate and pretty coastline

Language courses abroad in Brighton


Lively – Trendy coastal city with lots of fun things to do

Language courses abroad in Cambridge


Smart – Enchanting world-famous university town

White cliffs over a blue ocean


Elegant - English resort town with beautiful beaches and an enchanting atmosphere

A boat and houses on the river Exe


Rustic – Culture and countryside in this historical British city

White terraced houses with red roofs


Inspiring - Historic streets and lovely landscapes out side of the big cities

Language courses abroad in Liverpool


Famous - The Beatles, FC Liverpool and a first-class music scene

Language courses abroad in London


Stylish – City of fashion, music, business and the home of the Queen

Language courses abroad in Manchester


Urban - Famous nightlife meets an industrial past in the north of England

A fluoresecent bridge shines above a still river which reflects the twilight lights of the city behind it


Ancestral - Historical sites blend with the perfect night out on the town

Bright blue skies over a channelised river


Legendary - Hometown of Robin Hood and enchanting historical city with welcoming pubs.

Language courses abroad in Oxford


Sophisticated – A world-class university and beautiful medieval architecture

A harbor full of boat


Historical - Coastal city with viking ships, tunnels and Victorian architecture

Sailboats in the harbor and the city on two hills with trees in the background


Relaxing - the best mix of the Mediterranean climate and English tradition

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