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Specialized language courses abroad

Our partner schools offer special language courses that are specifically designed for certain fields or professions, meaning that you will learn specialized vocabulary and cover topics related to this area, giving you a deeper understanding of the field in the country you are visiting. These types of language courses provide tailored professional language training, giving you the specific language knowledge and insight to enable you to apply for international positions. Broaden your career opportunities and combine your trip with a specialized language course!

Medical language courses

There is a lot of very specific vocabulary to learn in the medical profession and working conditions can vary drastically from country to country. This makes it especially important to develop specialized language knowledge and to find out more about the medical profession in a new country. Some medical language courses even offer you the opportunity to shadow a local doctor.

Medical SpanishMedical French

Medical GermanMedical English

Legal language courses

Each country has its own judicial system, with unique local laws, so it will broaden your professional horizons to study this, alongside learning special legal terms in a new language. This knowledge will enable you to broaden your technical vocabulary and job prospects, as well as giving you the capacity to interpret cases from multiple cultural perspectives.

Legal SpanishLegal French

Legal ItalianLegal English

Language for tourism/hospitality

To work in tourism, it is essential to be able to communicate in different languages. With our partner schools you can learn specialized vocabulary and find out more about this industry. Prepare yourself for an international position by developing your language skills in the fields of hospitality and tourism so that you will be able to communicate professionally and confidentially with customers from around the world.

French for tourismEnglish for tourism

Barista language courses & training

A barista program will not only teach you specific hospitality-related terminology, it will also provide you with practical training. In one of these courses, you can learn tips and tricks to make you a great barista! It is usually possible to stay in the country after your course to get some local work experience, so you will be able to impress customers with your new skills straight away, as well as having a great experience meeting new people and putting your language skills into practice in the work place.

English & Barista training

Yalea Languages - Language courses abroad

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