Explore the world while learning languages
Explore the world while learning languages
Explore the world while learning languages
Explore the world while learning languages

Multi-destination language courses

Spread your language course over more than one destination and travel to multiple cities and even countries during one trip! School chains are made up of multiple institutions, meaning you can go to different schools while only paying one placement fee. Schools follow the same course structure and use the same teaching methods, so you can continue your studies seamlessly.

The combinations are endless but we hope the following examples will inspire you! Don't hesitate to contact us to help you to design your perfect language learning adventure. If you are interested in set programs that combine language learning and travelling, find out more on our language and travel programs page.

Travel the English-speaking world

Study English in two continents

Having trouble deciding which country to pick for your English course? Why not spread your program over two countries and have the trip of a lifetime discovering two contrasting cultures. Our partner school, English Language Company has a school in Malaysia and another in Australia. Both countries are well known for their tropical landscapes, but they have very different personalities. Get to know Australia's laid-back beach-side metropolis at English Language Company Sydney and explore the glamorous and culturally diverse city of Kuala Lumpur at English Language Company Kuala Lumpur.

Discover British Columbia

British Columbia is Canada's most western province and is defined by deep forests, incredible mountain ranges and vibrant cities. During the winter it is a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts, while the summer attracts hikers and those looking to relax in the parks and on the beaches. With our partner school Tamwood, you can spread your course over the two schools in this Canadian region: Tamwood Vancouver and Tamwood Whistler. Enjoy the best of both worlds, spending time in the cosmopolitan city of Vancouver and the postcard-perfect Alpine village of Whistler.

Enjoy the Californian coast

Cruising down the US West Coast is a classic trip on many travelers’ wish lists. California is known as a center for creativity and technology with an incredible coastline and fantastic vineyards. Our partner school chain Embassy English has schools in various English-speaking locations around the world, meaning you can combine multiple destinations and have an unforgettable trip! By splitting your course between Embassy San Francisco and Embassy San Diego for example, you can get to know two iconic American cities in sunny California.

Explore Latin America

Your Costa Rican adventure

Costa Rica is an ideal destination for nature lovers, combining incredible biodiversity and stunning scenery, including long sandy beaches, tropical rainforest, expansive coffee plantations and volcanoes. Our partner school, CPI offers Spanish courses in three destinations in Costa Rica, giving you the opportunity to learn Spanish and travel the country. Visit all three schools: CPI Heredia in the central mountains, CPI Monteverde in the cloud rainforest and CPI Playa Flamingo on the coast, to see three different sides to this beautiful country and learn more about the Tican pura vida way of life.

Be enchanted by Colombia

Head to Colombia for an unforgettable trip that combines learning about the country’s rich heritage whilst at UNESCO sites, relaxing on its beautiful beaches and exploring its cosmopolitan cities. Our partner school Nueva Lengua has three Colombian schools located in contrasting cities: the modern capital Bogotá, romantic Cartagena on the Caribbean coast and lush Medellín surrounded by mountains. Spread your Spanish course across all three schools to really get to know this fascinating country during your trip.

Find your Cuban rhythm

The Caribbean island of Cuba is a great place to learn Spanish while exploring the country’s beautifully-preserved colonial cities, sipping on freshly made mojitos and dancing the night away to lively Afro-Cuban and salsa music. Study Team is one of our partner schools who offer a special Spanish program which takes place in local homes and cultural centers across the island, giving you deep cultural insight and experiences during your stay. With Study Team, you can combine lessons in the lively capital of Havana, artsy Santiago de Cuba and traditional Trinidad to see as much as the island as possible while improving your Spanish language skills.

Journey to the Andes

Discover the incredible Andean region of South America whilst studying Spanish in Chile or Peru. Studying with our partner school ECELA, it is easy to spread your Spanish learning across two different destinations in these countries. Study at ECELA Santiago in the capital or ECELA Viña del Mar on the coast to get to know two lively, modern Chilean cities that are just an hour and a half away from each other. Alternatively, at ECELA Lima you can explore the coastal Peruvian capital before heading high into the mountains to study at ECELA Cusco, just a short distance away from the incredible Incan city and world wonder, Machu Picchu. Can’t decided between Chile and Peru? Why not combine lessons at ECELA schools in both countries!

Discover France

Your French tour

Finding it difficult to choose where to study French? Our partner school France Langue has schools in Paris, Bordeaux and Biarritz. You can choose to split your course between these three schools and tour the country whilst improving your language skills! Start your tour studying at France Langue Notre Dame Paris and find out why the French capital has enchanted so many visitors. Then, leave the city, traveling to the south to continue your lessons at France Langue Bordeaux where you can enjoy the friendly atmosphere in this student town synonymous with good food and wine. Finally, head for the coast, with France Langue Biarritz where you can finish off your French lessons relaxing on the beach or learning to surf.

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