Everything you need to know about flights
Everything you need to know about flights
Everything you need to know about flights
Everything you need to know about flights

The right flight for your trip

We can assist you with arranging your flights for your language course abroad. You can contact us for flight prices, to book a flight on your behalf or simply to ask us for travel advice. When you reserve your course online you can ask us for a flight quote at the same time. Prefer to book your flights yourself? On this page you will find all the information you need.

Long haul flights

• For a flight price estimate (with no obligation to book), get in touch with us. You can also complete the flight section of our online price request. We will send you an offer by email or discuss it with you over the phone.

• Information required: Complete name (as it appears on your passport), date of birth, date you would like to fly, departure airport and arrival airport.

• Booking a flight online: You can, of course, also book your flights yourself. We recommend the following websites:

Flights within Europe

• If you are travelling within Europe, it is worth checking the following low-cost European airlines:

Easyjet - Ryanair - Vueling - Eurowings

• If you would like to compare the prices of various airlines at the same time, we recommend using the following price comparison websites:

Edreams - Skyscanner - Opodo

Special flight tickets

• Open-jaw ticket - If you would like to travel after your language course, an open-jaw ticket might be a good choice as it allows you to travel to and from a different destination.

• One-way ticket - It is often more expensive to book a one-way ticket, without the return. As a result, it is normally better to book a return ticket from the outset. This principle does not apply to the majority of low-cost airlines, who allow you to book each flight separately.

• Open return ticket - With an open return your outward travel date is fixed but the return date is left open. Generally only the most expensive fares allow you to have a flexible return date in this way. If you are not sure when you would like to come back, it is better to book a flight with a return date that can be changed at an additional fee, as this will work out cheaper than an open ticket.

No shows and hand baggage

• No shows - If you are not on your departure flight and have not modified or cancelled your booking you will lose your entire ticket. This means that you will not be able to claim any money back for any part of your journey.

• Hand luggage - Normally hand luggage (baggage that you can be taken with you onto the airplane) is limited to one bag of a particular size and weight per person. Low-cost airlines are particularly strict on those who do not abide by their regulations. Hazardous items cannot be taken with you onto the airplane. This can includes liquids of more than 100ml.

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