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Your questions answered
Your questions answered
Your questions answered


Answers to all the questions frequently asked about our language courses abroad.

Language courses abroad

What is the age minimum for your courses? For most courses, the minimum age is 18, but, of course, there are some schools that offer courses for students as young as 7. For under 18s, written confirmation from the students' parents is required.

When can I start my course? Normally, language courses start every Monday. However, some courses, particularly those for complete beginners or in preparation for an official exam, start on fixed dates. To find the starting dates of the course you are interested in, check our website or get in touch with us.

Will the school give me some course material? Most schools provide the study material you need (check the school's profile on our website). Additionally, we recommend that you bring a dictionary and notebook. A grammar textbook in your own language might also be useful. With private lessons, you choose the topics covered in the course and you can use your own study materials.

Is it possible to take an internationally recognized language exam? Official exam preparation courses (DELE, TestDaF, etc.) take place a handful of times a year on fixed dates. Course starting dates can be found in the profile of each individual school on our website.

The most well-known Spanish language certificate is the DELE (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera). DELE exam preparation courses are mainly available in Spain, with only a few schools offering these courses in Latin America. However, you can also prepare for the DELE exam by taking private lessons. In most cases, you can sit the exam at the school. We recommend that you time your course so that you can take the exam at the end of your stay.

Is there a mix of student nationalities in your schools? Students from all over the world study in our partner schools. However, in certain periods of the year it is possible that you will meet more students from one country or another in certain schools. It is important to stress that you shouldn't choose a school based solely on the nationalities of its students, you should also consider the quality of teaching and your interest in the destination. An approximate nationality mix for each school can be found on our website.

When choosing my destination, should I consider the accent I'd like to acquire? In all languages accents vary from country to country and region to region. Even if a language school stresses that they teach the language with a neutral accent, you still need to consider the way the language is spoken in your chosen destination. You can find out more about different accents in our videos for each country.

Spanish: 'Pure' Spanish is considered to be spoken in mainland Spain, and the Salamanca area has a reputation for speaking the best Spanish. However, this should not stop you from taking a language course in another Spanish city or in Latin America. In Chile and Argentina, Spanish is the official language but in these countries you will find the biggest difference in the way the language is spoken compared to other parts of the world. Equally, in Spain the accent varies according to the region.

Accommodation and transfers

Accommodation: What should I bear in mind? We take particular care when choosing your accommodation to make sure you feel comfortable during your stay. Our schools offer various accommodation options, which you can read more about here. Normally we recommend that you stay with a host family, but it is also possible to stay in a student residence or even in a hotel. We recommend staying with a host family as you will then be fully immersed in the local culture. In addition, you will be able to practice your language skills intensively on a daily basis.

It is important to bear in mind that in Latin America you cannot expect the same lifestyle and standards of comfort as in the US and Western Europe. Depending on the circumstances and the wealth of the country, it could be quite a contrast to your home country.

If you have any requirements regarding your host family (non-smoking, with children, without pets, etc.), please let us know and we will do everything we can to find a suitable family. If you don't feel comfortable in your accommodation, do not hesitate to contact us or speak to your language school.

Can I wash my clothes in my host family's house? This service is available in nearly all our host families. However, for the exceptions where it is not possible, you can easily do your washing at a local Laundromat.

Will I be collected from the airport? Nearly all of our partner schools offer a transfer service from the airport to your school or your accommodation. Nevertheless, it may be cheaper for you to make your own travel arrangements. However, if you are going to arrive late when you will be tired after a long flight and you are not yet confident with the language or you simply want to get to your accommodation quickly, we advise you to book an airport transfer. You can find transfer information in each school's profile on our website.

Our services

How can I get a cost estimate? Simple - on our website you will find a price calculator that can work out the cost of your chosen course for you. We can also send you an estimate by email. We are here to help if you have any questions or particular requirements. When you receive an estimate, there is no obligation to make a booking.

How can I make a booking? You can reserve your language course abroad online, by email or over the phone. Additionally, you can get in touch with us via Skype or the online chat. When you have made an online reservation, you will receive an email confirmation. We will then contact you to organize the details of your trip. From this point on, you can modify your booking, ask us for information about flights and book extra nights in your chosen accommodation.

Is it possible to book flights and a course at the same time? Yes, we can provide you with a cost estimate including flights (without any obligation to book). You can also request this when making an online booking. More information about booking your flights.

What payment methods do you accept? Do I need a credit card? It is possible to pay with a credit card, but you can also pay by bank transfer to either our German, Swiss or Chilean bank accounts. However, if you decide to book your flight through us, we will need a credit card to confirm your reservation.

When will I receive all the details about my language course? Once you have made a booking, you will receive a confirmation letter or email. We will then send you all the documents you need to organize your trip detailing your accommodation, airport transfers, schedule for your first day, etc. Two or three weeks before the start of your course you will receive your flight tickets.

Can I order a Yalea catalogue? We avoid publishing a catalogue as we are constantly updating the information on our courses. On our website you can find detailed information about our destinations, schools and special offers. Here you can also find photo galleries, travel advice, weather information, details of iconic places to visit, interesting activities and much more: everything you need to choose your perfect destination.

When is the booking deadline for my language course? The earlier you book, the better. If you register early you will benefit from cheaper flights and more accommodation choices. It is also important that you leave plenty of time to arrange your insurance, visa, baggage, vaccinations, etc.

Can I book a few days before the start of the course? We can organize your language course in a short space of time, circumstances permitting. You can also make a booking with us after you have left for your trip. However, bear in mind that the choice will be limited.


Would it not be cheaper to book directly with the school? No, the price you pay with Yalea is the same price that you would pay if you booked directly with your chosen school. We publish the school's original prices and we do not add extra charges. Also, if you book with Yalea you will benefit from all of our free services: personalized and experienced advice in your own language, the organization of your entire stay and a 24 hour emergency contact. Find out more about the advantages of booking with Yalea.

I checked the price of my course recently on your website, but now it has changed. Why? We adjust our exchange rates on a weekly basis, so there are small variations in price depending on when you check. Once you have made a booking, the price of your trip will not change. Generally, each school amends its course prices at the end of the year.

Does Yalea offer group discounts? For groups of two or more people, we can offer a discount. Contact us for more information.

Preparing for your journey

Do I need a visa for my language course abroad? This depends on your destination, your nationality and the length of your trip. Visit our visa page for an overview of everything you need to know.

What insurance should I consider? For information and advice about insurance cover abroad, see our insurance overview. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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