Our ethos
Our ethos
Our ethos
Our ethos

Our promise to our customers

We guarantee to offer you the highest quality courses at the best prices. As a responsible agency, our guiding principles are:

  • To carefully select our schools
  • To offer all our courses at their original prices with no additional fees
  • To provide free expert advice
  • To be completely transparent
  • To provide unbiased information about our schools


Offsetting our CO2 emissions

Yalea is a member of myclimate and atmosfair. We explain to our customers how they can use these organizations to offset their carbon footprint when travelling long distances.


Free language learning resources

Education should not only be available to those who can afford a language course abroad. Our e-learning resources (VeinteMundos, TeaTime-Mag, Vocdix and Vocbox) are visited by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. We offer these resources for free to promote language learning and enable a cross-cultural dialogue.

Our language learning resources



Yalea Languages - Language courses abroad

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