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Maintaining your web browser configured to permit the use of cookies indicates to us that you are interested in Yalea’s services and products and that you give your consent to the use of cookies. Otherwise, should you prefer, you can block the use of cookies in your web browser by accessing your respective web browser user configuration. Here you can find information on how to do so according to your preferred browser:

In both cases, Yalea commits to not commercialize or divulge your information to third parties, whether this is via cookies or other mediums, such as forms. Yalea will always act in respect to our Privacy Policy.

What are cookies and what are they used for?

Cookies are small records of text and/or numbers which your web browser stores on your computer or mobile device when you visit a webpage. This way, upon returning to the website, this information can be used to carry out actions which can improve the web browsing experience. Please note that unless you provide us with your personal information, cookies do not allow us to identify you personally.

At Yalea we use cookies to:

  • Identify users (anonymously) to track customer travel by analyzing characteristics of marketing, first contact, requests and product purchases
  • Remember browser preferences and interests to adapt site content
  • Auto-complete forms with previously entered data so that it does not have to be re-entered
  • Analyze the online behavior of users and the functioning of the website accordingly
  • Evaluation of effectiveness of online marketing campaigns

Classification of cookies on a large scale is based on the cookies’ duration. Session cookies are deleted after each visit to a website, whilst persistent cookies remain across multiple visits to the website.

At Yalea, cookies are primarily used to collect statistics for internal use. These statistics allow us to analyze the performance and yield of our website’s services and how users (anonymously) use and interact with these services, to understand areas of improvement in content and structure.

Additionally, in the case that a user requests our products and/or services, their registered cookies allow us to track and verify from which marketing channel they arrived at the website, allowing us to estimate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns in client acquisition.

If you have any doubts regarding this information or any other aspect of data privacy, please do not hesitate to contact us directly either by email (, telephone or via our online chat.

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