More than a language course!
More than a language course!
More than a language course!
More than a language course!

Language Courses & Activities

Combine your language course with your favorite hobby. Whether that's scuba diving, cooking, skiing, horseback riding, music, photography, yoga or golf - our partner schools have a broad range of programs to suit everyone's tastes!

Language Courses & Surfing

Combine your language classes with a surf course or try catching the perfect wave on your own after class and enjoy our partner schools' stunning locations in beautiful beach destinations.

Schools with surf courses

Language Courses & Dancing

Learn some of the most famous Latin American dances in their country of origin or learn something new in one of the many other dance courses our partner schools offer in a variety of destinations.

Schools with dance courses

Language Courses & Diving

Explore the ocean and swim with colorful fish or marvel at a beautiful coral reef. With Yalea you can take a language course and get a diving certificate at the same time! Our partner schools offer various programs combining language lessons with scuba diving courses.


Schools with diving courses

Language Courses & Winter Sports

Do you love heading to the slopes? Get an adrenaline kick as you explore the mountains in some of the world's best skiing and snowboarding spots. You can find all the schools that offer language courses combined with skiing and/or snowboarding programs here.


Schools with ski/snowboard courses

Language Courses & Culture / History

Completely immerse yourself in a new country with a culture/history course. Whether you are interested in learning more about local history, how people live, ancient traditions or modern trends, our partner schools have the perfect language course for you.


Schools with culture/history courses

Language Courses & Yoga

Strengthen your body and mind and let yourself unwind during some yoga classes. What better way to give your brain the space it needs for everything you have learnt in class to sink in! The following schools offer a range of different programs combining language courses with yoga sessions.


Schools with yoga courses

Language Courses & Cookery

Discover the culinary secrets of a new country and learn how to prepare delicious local dishes. Our schools offer a range of cookery programs to enhance your language course abroad, some combining cooking lessons with tastings and wine appreciation.


Schools with cookery courses

Language Courses & Fashion

Combine your language course with your passion for fashion and trends. Whether you are interested in learning more about great designers or historical trends, having a go at making your own perfume or learning specialized language for the fashion industry, our schools have a fashion course to suit you.


Schools with fashion courses

Language Courses & Golf

Would you like to spend your free time doing a round of golf and getting to know a new course? Here you can find all of our partner schools that offer language courses combined with golf.


Schools with golf courses

Language Courses & Horseback Riding

Jump into the saddle and explore a new country by horseback! Our partner schools offer plenty of opportunities to combine your language course with horseback riding sessions.


Schools with horseback riding courses

Language Courses & Photography

Grab your camera and discover a new destination's hidden corners through your lens. Our partner schools offer various courses combining language lessons with photography workshops to help you make the most of your camera and take some fantastic photographs during your trip!


Schools with photography courses

Language Courses & Music

Get your feet tapping to new rhythms by combining your language course with music lessons. Whether you are a musician looking for some instrumental/vocal lessons, you are interested in music history or you would like to learn the basics of a traditional musical style, we have the right course for you.


Schools with music courses

Language Courses & Sailing

Set off on a nautical adventure with Yalea Languages. Find out more about the various courses combining languages and sailing that are offered by our partner schools and improve you sailing skills in new waters.


Schools with sailing courses

Language Courses & Well-being

Spend some time abroad relaxing and learning languages. Develop an understanding of ancient techniques such as Tai Chi, enjoy spa treatments and have time for some deep inner reflection during one of our well-being programs.


Schools with well-being courses

Language Courses & Mountain Biking

Shred mountainous terrain between classes. Combine your language course with mountain biking in some of the world's best mountain biking parks and trails with our partner schools.

A person holding a bike stands on a mountain side overlooking a valley and view of mountains in the distance

Schools with mountain biking courses

Language Courses & Wine

Pair your language course abroad with lessons on wine. Learn more about the traditions, culture and wine varieties, the perfect way to wind down and delve into the culture!

Glasses of wine being held by hands

Schools with wine courses

Yalea Languages - Language courses abroad

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